Monday, December 28, 2009

The case of the missing cat...

Last week I was meeting one of my fellow photographer friends for coffee at this corky coffee shop in Gilbert. As I was getting out of my car I saw a cat walking towards me...of course I bent down to pet the darn thing and the next thing I know the cat is IN MY CAR! It was love at first site and she knew I was a softy for sweet little strays...Yes, I was taken advatage of!

The phone call to John went as expected..."No, we are not keeping her Brittany" & " you have issues"...I knew what I needed to do, he had to meet this precious little girl and then he would be smitten...and he was! Of course, he still thought I had lost it, which I have no problem admitting I had...a long time ago.

So "Java" came home with us. She did great with the dogs who wanted nothing more than to sniff her bum and poke at her, she showed them who was boss by hissing at them a couple times.

I was so excited to have Java as a part of the family, we set up a room for her and got her some toys that she enjoyed playing with...of course her favorite was the basket and towel which wasn't what we initially got for her but quickly became her's.

On Saturday night while we were playing a game with our family we noticed Java wasn't around, we started looking around the cat. We went outside and looked in our yard because she knew how to use the doggy cat. I was frantic, I surprised even myself at how worried I was about our new addition...long story short it's been two days and still no sign of Java...our house is surrounded by tuna cans and I still have hope she might return. We have a collar on her so maybe someone with see her and give us a call. We miss her. Who knew such a little, independent animal could bring such joy and personality into our home!

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  1. Well first off I would like to say that I love your photography and it also reminds me a lot of my own portrait work although I am in just the beginnings of starting my own portrait career. I have even shot at some of the same places you have. Well anyways I happened to stumble upon your blog via facebook and I immediately recognized that cat! My boyfriend and I also went to the corky coffee shop and fell in love with the cat and were really close to taking it home but decided to leave it there for one day to make sure we wouldn't be taking someones cat but when we went back the next day she was gone! Im glad she has found a good home! and I apologize for such a long message for such a short story!