Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Presidents & Pavers

Yesterday morning John and I were drinking our coffee outside when I came up with a brilliant idea (at least I thought so), creating a patio in the middle of our yard for a space to relax & get some vitamin D (that's my justification for laying out but as you can see in the pic of me I am in need of MAJOR vitamin D)! John wasn't sure about this idea at first, especially since it involved hours of digging, a little cash, and a more stressful day off work but being the amazing husband he is he put down his mug & said "let's do this":)

So a trip to Home Depot later we got started. Here are some images of the progress & finished product. When all was said & done we were happy we did it & look forward to many hours of relaxing in our new oasis!

For home project ideas & instructions visit Home Depot's website.

PS. The extremely good looking man in that pictures is taken, sorry ladies;)


  1. Came across your blog through Chelsea's (remember me? we went to Joe's Farm Grill). Anyways....you guys are too cute. That top picture is awesome!

  2. Of course I remember you!! Hope you're all doing great:) Thanks, it was a fun project.

  3. I meant the Header picture not the one of John with his shirt off. :)