Friday, January 22, 2010

My YEAR in photos...Yes folks, that's 365 days meaning 365 images!

I had this crazy idea the other day to capture at least one image everyday for the next year. Welp! I'm going for it! You may be asking yourself "why the heck would she want to lug her camera bag around with her everywhere for the next year"... okay, you probably weren't asking yourself that but I'm going to answer it anyways...

Some of you know that I started a photography business which launched in June of 2009. Since then I have been all work and NO play! I have been shooting for others (which don't get me wrong I love, and I love how it helps pay the bills) but neglecting the reason I started shooting in the first place, because I love photography and the memories it captures! I was saddened when I realized after we hosted our entire family for Thanksgiving that I didn't take a SINGLE picture, NADA!! Why?! Because I put photography in the "business" section of my brain instead of the "Leisure" side (it's a known fact these are the actual names of the parts of your brain;)) and I guess I've had a difficult time balancing the two!

So I am on a mission to document this year using photos, I hope you will come along for the ride! I love you all and am so blessed to have your support!

I hope you enjoy the first few photos...I'm posting a few from today to make up for lost time this month (my vision came to me late) understand!


  1. This is exciting reading your thoughts!!!

  2. The year in photos, what a grand idea! I absolutely love the picture of the pups on your bed! It's just delicious! Have a super weekend ! xox

  3. Have you heard of project 365?? Andrea did it last year, same concept but comes with a kit! So cute...

  4. No! Tell me more about it Chels...

  5. i just ordered my Project 365 kit and I am so excited! I have been able to get a photo a day everyday so far. check out to see the kit!